Discover The Little Known "Generalised Principles of Nature" to Create The Life You Want

"Most people spend their lives earning a living, rather than designing their lives."

~ R Buckminster (Bucky) Fuller

Most of us have spend at least twenty years in the education system getting a piece of paper that promises to the passport that will give us what we need in our lives. To be able to do a job and earn a living. 

We have learnt to work hard and so we put in the hours and energy to get ahead.  We work hard to develop careers with hope that life will get better.  But yet, for many of us, whilst the monetary reward gets better over time, there are other costs that also increase at a disproportional higher rate - our responsibilities and stress levels, and we sacrifice our health and wellbeing to fulfil these expectations.

Many will continue to do this for the rest of their lives, resigned to the a reality of "this is the way things are."  They move from job to job hoping that they will finally get lucky, but nothing ever seems to change.

But there is a group of people who seem to be able to break out of this cycle, whose lives seem to  turn out differently. They don't work as hard and yet are able to have what they want in their lives.  People who are happier and doing what is more meaningful and fulfilling in their lives.

What is the secret? What do they know that the rest don't?

You Can Design Your Life

The reality is this - that most people will spend their lives earning a living.  Doing a job to generate income to pay the bills, trading time for hours that they don't enjoy — many will ask themselves at some point if this was all there is to life.

There is an alternative — to not have to earn a living and yet have everything that they want in their lives.  In order to create that, it requires a fundamental understanding on how to create wealth.

What is wealth? It is the element that will move you from making ends meet to living your life the way you want without having to worry about money. If there was a certain life that you imagine as ideal, wealth is what will sustain that indefinitely where you never ever have to work again to earn a living.

For many people, this "ideal life" is unimaginable. With the property mortgages, family and personal expenses and increasing costs of living, it does not seem possible to even get there with the active income that they are currently generating, no matter how much harder they work.

So how do you create wealth that will generate the long-term sustainable cashflow to not only allow you to keep your current standard of living, but also to give you everything that you could possibly wish for in your life, in this lifetime?

If you are not Creating Wealth, you are working too hard.

Everyone Can Create Wealth

Creating Wealth is not a privilege that is limited to a selected few. Unfortunately, the strategies, skills and knowledge required to create wealth are not subjects that we were taught or learnt in school. What we learnt in school was a set of skills that would give us the ability to "earn a living." Unfortunately also for many of us, earning-a-living is not sufficient to give us the life we desire.

So what else is required?

In order to answer that question — we need to intimately understand how the world is operating, and the laws of the universe that govern how the world is being run.  The truth is this — the people who know and understand how to use these "laws" to their advantage, create the games that the rest of the planet is unknowingly playing.

The money game, the relationship game, the business game, the career game, the power game... and if you feel a lack of control in any of the games that you are playing in your life, that's because you are not in the driver's seat and someone else is running the game.

When you recognise, understand and play these games from a position of power by simply understanding fundamental "laws of the universe" that we call generalised principles, you will move from a "powerless" position to playing in a position of "power." 

These are the "laws of the universe" that were not, and still not being taught in schools.  

These are secrets that most of the people on this planet do not yet know.

This is what moves you to creating wealth to live your desired life without having to "earn-a-living"?

The good news is this - this deeper understanding of the underlying principles of the game is something that you can learn.

When you do, your life will shift permanently and how you play your game in life will change and your results will change.

When will you start so that you can stop working so hard?

Creating Wealth is about not having to work hard.

Wealth Is A Habit

There is a game that is being played on this planet that we call the Money Game. Creating Wealth is one of the most critical skills that we need to understand and acquire and this requires an intimate understanding of the Money Game and all the laws that govern the money game. It is not merely about finance or economics but fundamentally what we need to know if we want to win this creating wealth game.

The Money Game can overwhelm everything around it, including all the players of the game, especially when they don't know how to play this game. There are people who never seem to have a handle on they money - it frequently seems to flow out faster than they can ever make it.

It is only when we recognise principles of the money game, then we can learn about how this game works and how we can play this game deliberately to create the outcomes that we want and stop being at the mercy of money.

It is critical to understand any game, and especially the Money Game - how money works, our relationship with money and what is going on with our money. When we truly understand how to play this game, that is when we will know what we need to build our personal wealth engine. It is something we need to do consistently and habitually to develop our financial awareness. And then we can build our personal wealth engine that will generate cashflow.

What will your personal wealth engine look like?

Creating Wealth is developing a habit that starts with learning how to play the Money Game to win.

Creating Your Ideal Life

Is there something you are meant to do in your lifetime?

Most of us will ask that question at some point in our lives. Our capacity to create wealth is integral to answering that question.

How do you answer this question?

When we understand how to create our wealth engines, we will move beyond the struggle of getting from goal to goal chasing seemingly unreachable or impossible targets. When you understand what your own capacity to create wealth looks like, you will realise that your ideal life is not a point in the future, but something that you can create in the present.

We will stop pursuing and start attracting the things that we want in our lives. We move beyond what is considered "terminal mediocrity" to being fully engaged in our lives in a meaningful and fulfilling way.

But we have to create because nobody else will create that for us. The Ideal Life is created from having the right strategies, skills and tools, and taking the right action, with the right support, based on the deep and intimate understand of the three "laws of the universe." Each of us has the capacity to design and have our ideal lives exactly as we want.

We have to decide to start. It's a promise that we make to ourselves that only we can keep.

The Ideal Life is created from understanding how the world works, and how we can design and play a powerful game to make a difference.

What's Next?

What do you want?

What do you want from this point forward?  More of the same life that you have? Or something different? 

It is a truth that only you will know yourself.  Your answer to that question is only important to one person.

When you make that decision, the rest will follow. The ripple starts when you drop the stone. 

We can't undo our lives that is past. What we do have, is an opportunity to design and create a future. The fact is that we will all inevitably come to the day that has no tomorrow - the "game over" day. What we cannot control is when that day is. This opportunity will not come again, there is no second chance to play this game.

Whatever we choose, time will pass anyway.

The choice we have is to decide what we will trade the time that we have from now to that point for.  The choice is to continue with the status quo or to take a different route.

And if your choice is to possibly to take a different route, to create different outcomes and possibilities in your life, to create something bigger, something more meaningful, something far more fulfilling, then there are options available to create that future and to understand this:

  • How do you take that different route and create different massive powerful possibilities?
  • What does a different route look like?  
  • How will you know if this is truly what you want?

More than 118,000 people have experienced the Money And You® Program in the last forty years. For many of them, Money And You® was that turning point in their lives.  Some of them have become household names.

The Money And You® Program gives you access to powerful, time-tested and proven strategies, tools and skills, based on a set of immutable "Laws of the Universe" and the international playground and community to create long-term sustainable wealth without having to work hard.

Success is understanding the "Laws of the Universe" that govern how we design our lives and how we can live fully truly and fully engaged from a powerful position of choice. 

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"It will not be a matter of earning a living.  You'll be doing what you see needs to be done because you'll feel you'll want to do it—you'll want to qualify to be able to serve one another... if you can do it, if it is spontaneously arousable in you to operate with integrity and really to go along to love, to love comprehensively, that's it."

~ R. Buckminster Fuller


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